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is from 1256, and the first known merchant town privileges were issued. The fjord is also the site of the modern wave-shaped apartment complex known as The Wave ( Bølgen ). 7 Vejle Station, also known as Vejle Transit Centre ( Vejle Trafikcenter provides 9 city bus lines to various neighbourhoods, as well as national and international coach and train services. Vejle Byhistoriske Arkiv Stadsarkiv. Crowd at a Vejle Boldklub game at Vejle Stadium The city's traditional football club, Vejle Boldklub (Vejle Football Club has won the Danish Superliga Championships five times and the Danish Cup six times. In the past, the facility has housed several high-profile events, including the European Women's Handball Championship and the Danish Open in badminton. «,.» «,.» «, » « «.» trunki « « «.» «.» voip brembo. « « » «.» «, ». Archaeological digs near. On the primary level, Vejle has 11 regular primary schools ( folkeskoler 2 independent schools ( friskoler and 5 private schools ( privatskoler ) one secular, one Protestant, one Catholic, one Islamic and one Waldorf-Steiner method school. Søndermarken, Nørremarken, and Grejsdalen, however, were all founded as extensions of the city onto the surrounding hillsides. Two new shopping centres, Bryggen and Mary's, have also recently opened, offering more shopping and restaurants, etc. Jutland Peninsula at the head of, vejle Fjord, where the, vejle River and. The Old Jail House in Vejle, which is connected to the Town Hall, was rebuilt in 1984 and received a prize for beautification. Vejle's largest indoor sports facilities are mostly housed in the DGI-Huset recreational centre in western Vejle. (19101977) a Danish actor, screenwriter and film director Albert Bertelsen (born 1921) a Danish autodidact painter and graphic artist Inger Christensen (19352009) a Danish poetic experimentalist, novelist, essayist and editor Kirsten Dehlholm (born 1945) a Danish artist and artistic theatre.

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Another feature of the skanderborg arts cinema fjord og bælte church are 23 spherical indentations on the north transept legend says these are imprints of the skulls of executed robbers from the woods that surround Vejle. Vejle is most known for its forested hills, fjord, harbour, shopping, pedestrian mall, and iconic windmill. Notable people edit Bust of PM Møller JJA Worsaae, 1885 LL Rasmussen, 2017 Ludvig Munk (1537-1602) a Junker at the royal court in 1561 and a Count Anders Sørensen Vedel (15421616 priest and historian, translator of Gesta Danorum. In 2009, the Social Democrats were out of power again when Liberal candidate Arne Sigtenbjerggaard won the elections. 54-56 Landex, Alex, and Otto Anker Nielsen. Other artists include author Ulrik Gräs, priest and historial Anders Sørensen Vedel, author Karl Bjarnhof, poet Inger Christensen, artist Albert Bertelsen, and actress Bodil Jørgensen. 151 ( in Danish ) Irina Vinnitskaya. Retrieved (In English).M.Hogan, History of Sct. The Old Goldsmithy ( Den Gamle Guldsmedie ) Environment edit The Wharf ( Bryggen ) shopping centre A central point of Vejle's environmental policy since 1985 has been the sorting of garbage into non-compostable and compostable waste, which is then composted in the city dump. The longest serving Social Democratic mayor was Willy Sørensen, a union leader who joined the city council in 1937 and held the mayor's post for 31 years, from 1946 until his death in 1978. Vejle Municipality has a population of 111,743 (as of 2016). However, the station is currently the subject of political debate, due to a desire on the part of some politicians to reduce train travel time between Odense and Århus to one hour. Vejle's neighbourhoods include: Vejle centre Bredballe - east of downtown and north of Vejle Fjord; considered an affluent neighbourhood Grejsdalen - northernmost part of the city, located in the long, narrow valley of the same name Hover - west. Arts and attractions edit Økolariet ecology-focused educational centre View of Vejle from Kiddesvej Albuen Beach In the arts, the most well-known personality from Vejle is composer Jacob Gade, who wrote the Tango Jalousie. Vejle's pedestrian mall today runs along the same course as some of the earliest paths through town 6 glass panels set into Torvegade allow pedestrians to see the historical market road a few meters under the current street surface. Nicolai Kirche, Vejle, Denmark, Lumina Technologies, Santa Rosa. Vejle is situated close to several Jutland attractions such as the original Legoland and the Viking Age royal capital of Jelling. The valleys of the two rivers that converge at Vejle are both unique in Denmark: Vejle River Valley ( Vejle Ådal ) is the longest tunnel valley in Denmark, and the Grejs Valley ( Grejsdalen ) is the largest ravine in Denmark.

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